About Mocha Lifestyle


Mocha Lifestyle was created by women of color, for women a color. We recognized the absence of one central space to find local and online businesses that not only catered to the specific needs of black and brown women, but that also provided a positive community environment in which our collective experiences as patrons of these businesses could be shared. Therefore, our goal was to build an online platform that went beyond a traditional business directory with reviews.

Community is key.

At a time when women of color are still often ignored, Mocha Lifestyle is centered around the power of our collective voices. From the stories and spotlight features interwoven throughout the community to the glossy pages of The Mocha Book, every detail has been carefully curated to speak both to and from the perspective of black and brown women as business owners and as consumers.

Celebrating businesses that honor us and treat us well is essential to our mission. The leverage that our purchasing power holds cannot be diminished. For that reason, it is vital that we put our dollars back into businesses that truly value us as customers and supports the growth of our communities as a whole.

As a woman of color, Mocha Lifestyle was built especially for you. Ultimately, it will be up to all of us to water our community with positive energy and constructive feedback so that collectively we can help these businesses bloom. There is beauty found in the sheer force of us building together, while refusing to be silenced.


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